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18 agosto 2010

Videoentrevista sobre Puss Puss

Alex: When he called and said this is Johan Kling” I said I don’t know what you have to offer but I’ll take it.
Speaker: Alexander did not hesitate to accept the role in the movie Puss directed by Johan Kling, the director behind the success Darling. Alexander plays Alex a big city player.
Alex: He’s not stupid, he’s a moron. He puts himself in idiotic situations without thinking about it and then he tries to wriggle himself out of them, but he’s not very good at it. He’s lousy at it and ends up in even bigger trouble.
Filmclip: You aren’t really the maternal type anyway
Speaker: This is the first time you and your brother Gustav worked together. How was that?
Alex: It’s a luxury for me to be able to hang with someone from my family for a week or two. But artistically speaking we don’t have any strong scenes together.
Speaker: Of all the roles Alexander has played there is one that is closest to his heart and which gave his Hollywood career a boost.
Alex: Brad Colbert in Generation Kill is very special. I really liked the project, the script and the character, my co-stars… that project will remain very special for me.
Speaker: When there was two months left of the filming of Generation Kill Alexander had to turn down a role in the vampire series True Blood. But destiny was on his side when a script writers strike began in Hollywood. The production of True Blood was postponed and Alexander could accept the role as the 1000 year old vampire Eric Northman. The series turned out to become a huge success and Alexander became a Hollywood star, a humble one.
Alex: I’m very grateful that I’ve had the possibility to work on such projects I’m been working on the past years.
Speaker: As a consequence of the celebrity status are the paparazzi photographers. OK in Hollywood, but it’s not OK to be followed around in Stockholm.
Alex: It was unpleasant because it was mapped out in the newspapers, 10 o’clock this restaurant, 11 taxi to this place, had lunch with this person … when my mom calls from Gotland and says I know exactly everything you did this weekend. It’s hard when you are home where you want to relax.


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